Creating a perfect automation center: CA Automic Automation

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Covid-19 reopened the debate about the role of automation in infrastructure and application management. With CA Automic, managers feel much closer to seamless and performance integration of different automation systems.

In the global pandemic conditions, the automation needs of corporations are getting more and more complex. Moving the companies’ automation systems to the next level in remote working and hygiene conditions is now among all professionals’ primary expectations.

Its perfect technology that integrates workload automation, self-service service automation, and Big Data automation enables CA Automic Automation to accelerate the enterprises’ digital transformation.

CA Automic, which provides IT departments with an excellent Automation Center competency, successfully integrates open source and competitive service management tools compatible with hybrid cloud technologies to today’s existing enterprise technologies.

Build up an excellent automation center

CA Automic supports business service level assurance, critical routing management, and visibility of enterprise-level agendas, which is the standard for managing your critical business applications with AI technology.

CA Automic Automation is the ideal solution for organizations that have a culture of working with multiple cloud platforms today. Because it successfully realizes the unlimited integration and management of the services you use on private or shared cloud platforms with the service desk or IT service management tools.

 Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies reveal the competitive side of CA Automic Automation. The product’s Continuous Delivery Release Automation feature coupled with ML and AI allows you to roll out new versions of your applications and software with outstanding performance and confidence.

If you are still using the mainframe in your IT center, you will be amazed by the Workload Automation capabilities of CA Automic Automation. Technology can successfully integrate and manage automation systems covering ERP systems and complex business applications running on all infrastructures from mainframes to hybrid cloud platforms.

It is now possible to support the data flows required for Big Data with more competent automation tools. CA Automic Automation offers you this opportunity with its advanced technology.

Today, companies use multiple websites and microsites for reasons such as SaaS applications and providing brand communication. The variety of tools used for managing all these sites and the automation of web applications can bring out management problems after a while. CA Automic Automation guides organizations’ site management efforts to a reliable, consistent, and stable route with smart routing and automatic fixes.

What’s inside of Automic?

Based on open-source programmable application interfaces (APIs), CA Automic Automation design integrates your organization’s applications and management tools into a single comprehensive automation strategy. This technology, which can scale up to 100 million jobs, can simultaneously control 100 thousand software agents. Its software clustering capability enables your system to scale safely and dynamically at every stage without the need for some specific fault-tolerant hardware.

Supports the implementation of the most accurate automation management strategies with development, test, and production stages and follows their life cycle.

Infrastructure management is now easier. Because the processes such as creating workflows, assigning tasks and removing authorizations and the automation of self-service services now take place in CA Automic management and with practical methods.

Support your developers to create code-level automation templates in application development environments. CA Automic Automation offers your software team the opportunity to realize creative automation solutions by doing simple coding.

Be prepared for “zero downtime” times. CA Automic Automation makes the ideal zero downtime approach to critical business applications a reality. Your perfect automation center now handles maintenance and updates without downtime.

For administrators who want to report their IT management performance and efficiency studies, CA Automic Automation successfully processes automation data. It contributes to corporate governance by reporting user activities with all of their processes.

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