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Based on its artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, Broadcom DX provides highly detailed insights to NetOps network professionals and teams that facilitate traditional or modern SDN and cloud network observations

Today, IT organizations need next-generation solutions to modernize their existing business processes with machine learning (ML) technology. Artificial intelligence and machine learning offer organizations essential advantages to discover the templates in the current processes and eliminate unnecessary tasks. But today, we are a little far from this level of development. AI and machine learning are less likely to succeed in your IT asset management data. They are not well-compiled or don’t have an application that offers a complete view of potentially critical operational events.

AI-powered IT operations technology, AIOps, must first correctly record IT inventory in hybrid environments and automatically update the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). The next step is to investigate the contexts between millions of data points in all IT domains. AIOps detects current and potential issues by discovering template structures in the system with machine learning skills.

Why is AIOps important?

IT industry research organization Gartner defines AIOps technology as ‘the combination of machine learning application and data science to solve IT operations problems.’ AIOps platforms can over time replace the essential IT operation functions such as monitoring, event context and analysis, IT service management, and automation, and eliminate manual tasks thanks to their big data and machine learning capabilities.

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) researched AIOps technology. EMA’s research shows that a typical network management team can only use 25 percent of their time for strategic projects that need to deal with, as they spend 75 percent of the week solving problems.

According to research, the average network team can only detect 61% of network issues before end users complain. The remaining 39 percent can be fixed after users are affected by the case. Reactive efforts at the network problems cause loss of productivity, revenue, or brand reputation.

Artificial intelligence to see below the iceberg

Network administrators need advanced tools that provide visibility of assets on the network. In an IT environment that has become complex under enormous pressure with new technology and applications, AI-powered tools can enable administrators to master today’s complex networking challenges.

DX NetOps, developed by CA, one of Broadcom’s companies, simplifies network operations thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence and unified network visibility capabilities. In addition to monitoring large-scale network operations, DX NetOps can successfully manage all analyzes on traditional and modern architectures in every detail.

AIOps compatible DX NetOps supports IT teams to be proactive while enhancing the user experience by strengthening the self-healing capabilities of applications, infrastructure, and networks.

Network management is under pressure

Network management and support teams are faced with a simple reality today. As applications are being moved more and more to cloud platforms, consumer demand is rising rapidly with a sharp graph. The complex metrics of modern architectures and the rapid increase in user demand further increase network congestion.

The stress created by traffic-sensitive business applications on the network also has an impact on teams. While network teams try to correlate alarms with appropriate management tools, they are also struggling to reduce noise pollution caused by relatively insignificant alerts.

KPIs vary slightly for today’s network administrators. In digital transformation projects, application experience is now discussed rather than network performance. NetOps teams that want to achieve success in this regard; needs technologies with holistic, contextual, and autonomous intelligence that can evaluate customer experiences in different domains and reduce operational complexity.

Broadcom DX NetOps makes modern network complexity more understandable for everyone with real-time network monitoring, and machine learning (ML) based analytics. Network teams can take advantage of DX NetOps’ large-scale network operation monitoring capabilities to perform all kinds of analytics on any network with traditional, software-defined, or cloud architecture.

Technology that knows the history of the network

DX NetOps, the product of more than twenty years of experience, is a reliable solution diagnosing the root causes, topologies, device metrics, data flows, packets, errors, controller analysis, etc., related to network problems to increase customer satisfaction. It can diagnose all details that affect network traffic. It facilitates network professionals’ tasks with solution performance and analysis capabilities working on platforms such as cloud, including WAN, content delivery networks, and data center cloud.

The network operations interface, accessed from a single panel, provides access to metric families of different vendors and expert network usage indicators. The advanced analytical capabilities of the product allow network teams to conduct contextual research focusing on business hours on the network or considering different user groups.

DX NetOps, which can use third party technologies successfully, can be integrated with a third party or special software to extract data quickly from data silos. The product’s multitenancy feature allows separating network data according to customers, roles, and access rights. With DX NetOps artificial intelligence technology, it reveals the algorithmic analysis, insights, and context of existing or possible alarms, metrics, logs, and topologies on the network.

Features that differentiate the DX NetOps

Network professionals find the abilities and skills that differentiate Broadcom DX NetOps from other solutions very attractive. For instance, it is industry-first software to silicon solution for edge networking, IoT, 5G, and private cloud data centers powered by Broadcom silicon and Broadview telemetry for granular, real-time insights into hop-by-hop latency, packet drops, and network congestion; along with AI-driven network triage and automation capabilities.

DX NetOps uses AI and ML technologies to perform the perfect network analysis in the broadest sense. AIOps capability offers this technology the advantage of prioritizing anomalies on the network. By preventing the noise caused by various alarms, it allows you to focus more quickly on the root causes that occur in the applications. It discovers IT assets rapidly, making it easier for you to respond by looking at the context and priority of the issue that arises.

You can watch everything from a single panel. Traditional or modern software-based networks, LAN, WAN, data centers, enterprise networks, service provider networks, and cloud architectures are now at your fingertips with advanced dashboards that display details at an expert level. Broadcom DX NetOps provides you with an operational view of an entire end-to-end network with real-time alarms, performance history, and traffic flow images.

Designed to view and enhance the end-to-end user experience on the network, DX NetOps does more than monitor network performance and diagnose problems. It provides rich insights for administrators who want to get end-to-end network infrastructure visibility to users who work in different network domains and need strong integration between applications.

There are many benefits to discover about Broadcom DX NetOps. To learn more on how you can benefit in your own environment contact us.

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