Turn Your IT Business into an

Artificial Intelligence Supported Automation Center

Focus on your business with strong automation infrastructure at every step.

From the heavy and complex applications carried by your systems to your daily routine work.

Connect your ITSM tools to the cloud of your choice with Automic Automation

Automic Automation supports business service level assurance, critical routing management, and visibility of enterprise-level agendas, which is the standard for managing your critical business applications with AI technology. The integration wizard CA Automic Automation is the ideal solution for companies with a culture of working with multiple cloud platforms today. You will love the unlimited integration and management of the services you use on private or shared cloud platforms with service desk or IT service management tools.

Automic Automation


Reach real automation levels in your business processes with Global Bilgi RPA

Automate processes without any system integration and eliminate the barriers faced towards digitalization with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to perform routine, repeated and time-consuming operations with robots. Experience the true power of automation in all the jobs you can think of, from SAP, Oracle integrations, to ordering and purchasing.

Global Bilgi RPA/RDA



With CA Atomic Automotion, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence support, spread the new version of your applications and software wherever you need them.

Mainframe or
Cloud Doesn’t Matter

Successfully integrate and manage your automation systems covering ERP systems and complex business applications running on all infrastructures from mainframes to hybrid cloud platforms.


Atomic Automation, has a scaling capacity of up to 100 million tasks, and can monitor 100 thousand software agents at the same time.

Control from
the Server

Global RPA software robots run on servers without putting any load on the system.

100 Percent

Automate your business 100 percent with Global RPA without the need for manual work in many processes.


Take care of your maintenance and updates without any business interruption with the ideal automation infrastructure for your critical business applications.

Set up your processes and let automation take care of the rest!

We’re here to assist you with powerful automation solutions on your digital transformation journey.


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