This Data Paket Will Not

Get Past Network Security

Does your company network offer users the working comfort they are looking for?

On network infrastructures on which critical business applications run, users are most sensitive to the loss of access performance and possible security risks.


Secure suspicious network activity
with Scrutinizer

The Plixer Scrutinizer event-response system detects users and applications that raise suspicions or cause the most network congestion problems. Using network flow technologies such as NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, J-Flow and the like, Scrutinizer collects, archives and quickly reports all the network traffic details you may need to surround an event. Scrutinizer is an effective solution that generates fast and in-depth responses to suspicious events and data leaks on the network immediately. Scrutinizer is a NetFlow and sFlow analysis tool. It helps network administrators by determining the network usage density and frequency of users and applications in detail. It uses sFlow, an industry-standard in data flow, as well as NetFlow technology from Cisco, the industry leader in network devices.

Plixer Scrutinizer


Control network traffic 360 degrees

Density Management

Find out, for example, how many VoIP devices you have on your network and who uses them the most.


Realize the benefits of prioritizing traffic on the network.

Impact Analysis

See which of your systems will be more affected by Internet attacks.


List which servers you use with unorthodox protocols.

Load Distribution

Distinguish which of your apps have the most impact on the infrastructure.

The Big Picture

View graphical distributions of network loads in real time and periodically.

View detailed network usage densities and frequencies.


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