Broadcom – Test Data Manager

Find, build, manage, and deliver test data to everyone on your team.

The quality of your applications depends on thorough, continuous testing. Timely testing depends on having the right data, at the right time, and in the right format. As today’s testing and development teams move towards an agile approach, the time available for testing is compressed. Testing is often out of step with the demands of software development.

Identify Sensitive Data

Generate Synthetic Test Data

Create Virtual Copies of Test Data.


  • Improve app quality.

Using the right data for testing considerably reduces defect creation.

  • Deliver data faster.

With CA Test Data Manager, testers test faster because they no longer wait for data.

  • Improve testing efficiency.

Eliminating data constraints, and reducing the time and resources needed to provision data, makes testing more efficient.

  • Reduce test costs.

Minimizing the number of copies needed for test data reduces infrastructure costs.


See How



Data discovery and profiling.

Find personally identifiable information (PII); demonstrate compliance for GDPR and other regulations. 

Find and reserve

Use dynamic selfservice forms to interactively view, analyze and reserve test data.

Synthetic data.

Create rich synthetic data from scratch, reducing the need to use production data.

Virtual test data.

Create personal copies of test data virtually, instantly, and with no storage overhead.

Data masking and subsetting.

Secure millions of rows of data in minutes using automated data profiling and clone subsets of data.

Coverage analysis.

Measure exactly how much of a system your data can test.

Test data allocation.

Automate test data discovery to request and receive exact data sets, linked to test cases.


CA Test Data Manager helps organizations automate test data management, deliver test data faster, create synthetic test data from scratch, shorten test cycles from weeks to days, and improve compliance.


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