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RPA is a technology application that aims to automate business processes, managed by business logic and structured inputs. Using RPA tools, your company can use software or configure a “robot” to manage and interpret applications to process a process, manipulate data, trigger responses, and communicate with other digital systems. RPA scenarios range from something as simple as generating an automatic response to an email to deploying thousands of bots, each programmed to automate things in an ERP system.

Robotic Process Automation

  • Robots that can do 100% of the work defined independently of the user via the server.
  • With their own user information, they complete business processes in various companies or departments, just like an employee, in the way and time they are defined.

Robotic Desktop Automation

  • Working on the computer, completing the defined job with the user’s guidance. In this way, they are robots that assist employees in business processes.
  • By automating daily activities up to 75%, it speeds up business processes and zeroes the possibility of error.

You can design your robots as both “RPA“, ie Digital Worker, and “RDA“, ie Digital Assistant. Robots designed as RPA can run your business processes end-to-end independently from human, while robots designed as RDA can work with people in front office activities.


  • RPA robots are our digital employees who can work in the background.
  • They have their own id, password and e-mail addresses.
  • They can automate your rule-based, repetitive processes without the need for a human.
  • They reduce costs, eliminate errors and create added value.
  • They can be triggered instantly, post-dated or periodically.
robotik süreç otomasyon avantajı

Why Turkcell Global Bilgi RPA & RDA?

    • Turkcell Data Center Infrastructure

    • Domestic and National

    • Flexible Development Capability

    • Rich Activity Library



Our experience as BT Bilgi in digital transformation and process consultancy, indispensable for the use of RPA;

  • 100% success in POCs, the ability to act flexibly in the demands of our customers and to make new developments quickly.


  • Ability to take text, pictures and tables from PDF. Operation of the imported table as a table in excel.


  • Following the scenario (job description) of the active robot from the management panel.
  • Optical character recognition technology.


  • High processing capacity in corporate applications.


  • Ability to access Google, Amazon, Microsoft and other web services.


  • Queue management, Record Play, Method and ROI calculation features.


  • Logistics: Transport planning and tracking, invoice processes collection, 3rd party carrier management, access to corporate customer portal, purchasing and inventory processes


  • Informatics: Software function tests, user operations, customer service and support.


  • Control: Data analysis, comparison, approval and consensus.


  • Bank: Credit transactions, supplier payments, credit card transactions, fraud control, data transfer.
  • Insurance: Demand / Complaint processes, regulation follow-up, proposal generation.


  • Health: Patient handling, appointment planning, complaint management and supervision.


  • Production: Management reports and data processing, after-sales support, compliance with ERP and systems, information exchange between non-integrated systems.


  • Telecommunication: Go to market strategy, support processes, integration into applications.

Contact us to evaluate your employees in more efficient tasks, to eliminate errors in your manual processes, to ensure that different applications communicate with each other, and most importantly to keep up with the competitive environment in the changing digital age.


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