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CA-Broadcom Test Data Manager, which provides high-quality test data for testing, reduces the time spent on test data by 90-95 percent by matching these data sets with related tests or making it easier to create synthetic data with innovative methods, according to the surveys

CA-Broadcom Test Data Manager is essential to leverage for all professionals looking for quality, performance, and speed in their application development process. Test Data Manager is a vital tool to bring high business value for applications as soon as possible. It discovers or creates the most suitable test data for you to use in tests, the crucial application development stage. If you want to improve your production data quality according to application test scenarios or to eliminate some of the deficiencies in this scope, the Test Data Manager will offer you many alternatives.

Providing high-quality test data, Test Data Manager reduces the time spent on test data by 90-95 percent by matching these data sets with related tests or making it easier to create synthetic data with innovative methods, according to surveys. Many test teams gain significant advantages with CA TDM in finding the right data at the right place, at the right time, in the rapid application development process.

CA TDM, which improves the test environment by reducing errors caused by low-quality test data in application development processes, accelerates the cleaning of the developed software from errors and its delivery to the market. CA TDM also minimizes the storage costs required for test data by reducing the time necessary to provide and generate test data.

High costs of accessing test data

What do business-appropriate and accurate test data mean? Creating ‘fit for purpose’ test data and providing them in the ‘right’ place at the ‘right’ time is a complicated process for many reasons.

Firstly, you must find the available data. The existing data you store in your system may not be suitably structured production data. You may also need to use synthetic data as well as production data. Synthetic data, created according to various scenarios, will help you create a perfect test coverage.

Legal regulations in effect for protecting personal information and privacy may restrict your use of any customer data you want in application testing and development. CA TDM Discovery and Profiling feature can accurately identify and match existing personal data identities stored in different formats in various data sources.

CA TDM colors personal data on a map according to their importance and severity. Employees who will examine the test data for compliance can analyze the data more efficiently and decide its suitability for testing. You can get all the data details in PDF reports.

According to some research findings, current production data only responds to 20-30% of the functional scope required to test a typical application thoroughly. Therefore, in the application development phase, it is necessary to eliminate the insufficiency of production data for test coverage. However, there are high costs involved in solving this problem.

Application developers and testers may want random access at any time to the data they are looking for test cases. Therefore, searching data manually or trying to create sample data can mean a massive waste of time.

Rapid application development equals accurate data

CA Test Data Manager reduces code false caused by incorrect data in the application development process. It allows you to reclaim the time spent creating test data and to expand test coverage.

With CA TDM, you can not only create clean and accurate test data sets but keep them most conveniently for new projects. This advantage, which accelerates access to test data over time, will further minimize the technology’s cost. Studies show that accurate test data improve errors in application development tests by 50 percent.

CA Test Data Manager helps organizations automate test data management, deliver test data faster, create synthetic test data from scratch, shorten test cycles from weeks to days, and improve compliance.

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