Allianz Türkiye determined to keep customer response quality at the max!

With BT Bilgi’s expertise in ITSM, Allianz Türkiye has implemented CA Service Desk Manager, the Service Desk BI module, and IT Process Automation Management to run seamlessly end-to-end for responding to different business needs, operating daily routines with pre-defined KPIs, and providing insights at the executive level. The new Service Desk Manager’s design became a critical focus point for the company directors in the early days of the Yapı Kredi Sigorta-Allianz merger and has contributed to business growth from the beginning

Allianz, one of the largest insurance and asset management companies globally, serves more than 100 million customers in more than 70 countries with more than 147 thousand employees. In Turkey, Allianz provides services with its three insurance companies through 3900 agencies, 1800 contracted organizations, and over 6700 bank branches to approximately 5.5 million customers.

Allianz supports elementary insurance products with “Allianz Sigorta”; provides services in private pension and life insurances with the companies “Allianz Yaşam ve Emeklilik” and “Allianz Hayat ve Emeklilik” in Turkey.

Allianz Türkiye, in 2020, was selected once again as one of the ‘Business World Most Admired Companies’ in the insurance sector by the Capital Magazine. In the study, 1700 professionals evaluated candidate companies according to 20 performance criteria: contribution to the economy, employee satisfaction, social opportunities offered to employees, environmental awareness, financial soundness, reliability, service and product quality, sustainability strategy, and customer satisfaction.

Allianz Türkiye also supports IT investments in the importance given to internal and external customer satisfaction. With BT Bilgi’s expertise in ITSM, Allianz has implemented CA Service Desk Manager, the Service Desk BI module, and IT Process Automation Management to help run operations seamlessly end-to-end. These technologies facilitate various business needs, operate daily routines with pre-defined KPIs, and provide insights at the executive level. The new Service Desk Manager’s design became a critical focus point for the company directors in the early days of the Yapı Kredi Sigorta-Allianz merger and business growth since the beginning.

All requests are met instantly

The qualified IT services need to be measurable and visible to every customer in an organization. However, many insurance companies’ departments need very expert IT services at the same time. Before the CA-Broadcom based project with BT Bilgi, Allianz managed IT or non-IT based operations via e-mail and phone systems. Each department had its own in-house or non-standard IT or non-IT service solution.

Before the merger with Yapı Kredi in 2014, the Allianz Claims Unit served more than 2.500 agencies, and approximately 3000 contracted service companies providing vehicle repair support. Requests from agencies and services generally consisted of calls received by e-mail and telephone. However, with the change made later, they created a central structure similar to the informatics department’s service desk system for all requests. Thus, it became possible to direct all request records to a single database.

IT processes are now fine-tuned thanks to CA-Broadcom Process Automation Manager for the company’s specific business needs. Every department of Allianz can run its services like “an independent service desk” now. In other words, each department can manage some services over its sub-service desk and improve its process quality as much as they need and function “independently.”

Transformation is not limited to technology

The most admired company in the insurance industry, Allianz Türkiye, experiences digital transformation advantages. Allianz Sigorta Infrastructure Management and Support Services Group President Çağın Çağatay expressed as follows:

‘Turkey’s leading insurance company, Allianz Türkiye, supports the customer experience with various investments. Our search for the service desk has been going on for a long time. First, we wanted to define and position the concept of work correctly. We needed an ITSM tool that would meet all business demands from internal and external customers with the highest quality, efficiency, and speed. We were aware that this was not just a matter of technology. A series of tasks, such as evaluating different technology alternatives and redesigning process management, were waiting for us. In the past, users entered requests manually into the system; at the moment, requests are submitted 24/7 and automatically via web forms. With the consultancy of BT Bilgi, we were able to move faster in the process of tailoring the existing CA Service Desk solution and related business processes in the institution and transforming them into web processes”.

Head of Allianz Sigorta Infrastructure Management and Support Services, Çağın Çağatay and Allianz Sigorta Support Services Manager Cem Sürücü emphasize that BT Bilgi provided them with a comprehensive consultancy especially for evaluating different alternatives and choosing the right vehicle.

Investing in artificial intelligence and business agility

According to Allianz Türkiye IT executives, BT Bilgi, has gone beyond the consultation approach onto understanding and defining the user needs in the most effective way. BT Bilgi has differentiated itself from its peers in this business with lean methods and their own best practices.

For comprehensive ITSM phases like event management, change management, and IT service request management, customers receive replies via e-mail or SMS messaging. Partners of Allianz, like large enterprises, agencies, hospitals, and pharmacies, can open their service tickets for many departments simultaneously as they experience various and common insurance problems.

Allianz Türkiye significantly accelerates its digital transformation with all business units using new generation technology in the insurance sector. While its artificial intelligence solutions integrate all systems and improve business agility, Allianz Türkiye is also continuing iota investments.

Allianz Türkiye Service Management process began migrating the wide-scale services that agencies used to the portlet as known DigitAll. It was time; for multiple screens to be replaced by a simplified, user-friendly interface that made things easier. All business processes and requests related to business partners are now answered through this interface. Thanks to the mobile compatible DigitAll, Allianz users can now easily access all services from their phones and tablets.

Lean technologies have accelerated the simplification of business and the generation of new value. Allianz continues lean transformation in Turkey’s understanding of service. With the service desk implementation and new services delivery deployment on the customers’ side, Allianz provided very high customer satisfaction rates for the partners such as agents, hospitals, pharmacies, and others. According to the last surveys of the company, customer satisfaction increased by 70%.

Performance returns as customer satisfaction

Allianz executives state that they manage performance management through a DSNA structure process, starting from the single agency to the group’s head. Saying that they could have followed all jobs at every level via DSNA, the managers say the employee performance is automatically evaluated in this process.

Allianz Sigorta Support Services Manager Cem Sürücü says that they conducted a survey called Net Promotion Score before starting this business:

“We designed the new structure according to the results of this survey. Our goal was to maximize our service to internal and external customers, such as employees and agencies. Today we have a unique survey of each call to Allianz in Turkey. When we see a decrease in these surveys, our friend responsible for quality, who is dedicated to this cause, carries out the related improvement studies. We address these types of issues separately in our monthly meetings. It motivates us so that other units also demand transformation due to the increase in general satisfaction. This development, which paved the way for lean business, provided a significant increase in efficiency and productivity beyond customer satisfaction”.


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