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Tailor solutions to your business needs, without disrupting productivity or business operations or creating more work for IT.

End-to-end cybersecurity management solutions, consultancy and project services.

BT Bilgi, as a solution partner of the world’s leading vendors in cybersecurity, with experienced professionals working with CA/Broadcom, GTB Technologies, Ivanti, and Plixer.

DevSecOps     >

Test your applications with the heaviest tests, check their compliance with the standards.
Problems in business applications are not limited to the effects on hundreds of users or causing business downtime, issues can seriously compromise the reputation of the product or brand.

Endpoint Security     >

Network administrators have to manage an ever-evolving and expanding technology universe, from IoT systems to employees’ mobile devices.
Traditional network security tools leave their place to more intuitive and learning technologies, as the new normal, where countless devices with different protocols can be networked.

Data Protection  >

Instantly capture data from corporate networks to cloud environments, whose file or original information has been modified, copied, fragmented, scrambled or encrypted.

Network Security     >

On network infrastructures on which critical business applications run, users are most sensitive to the loss of access performance and possible security risks.Detect users and applications that raise suspicions or cause the most network congestion problems. Collects, archive and quickly report all the network traffic details you may need to surround an event.

Identify and prevent threats before they affect you, and respond quickly to attacks.

With powerful application control and automated patch management, powerful end-user security management – media protection, remote end-user control, security diagnostics, flexible dashboards, reporting – and more.


Innovative products across the cybersecurity spectrum, from endpoint, web and network security, secure patching for enterprises to user and entity behavior analytics, anti-fraud analytics, identity and access management and data loss prevention solutions.


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