New Relic ONE

Application Performance Monitoring

Instantly understand application performance, dependencies, and bottlenecks

Know Your Stack

A complete view of your applications and operating environment.

Instant Setup

Start seeing hidden errors in minutes

DevOps Aligment

Faster incident handling, less finger pointing


  • Easy-to-set-up real-time instrumentation and analytics

  • Flexible instrumentation and dashboarding

  • Guides appropriate engineer responses

  • Correlates application performance to end-user experience

  • Connects application and infrastructure performance

  • Cloud-service instrumentation


Application Performance Monitoring is available out-of-the-box with Full-Stack Observability in New Relic One

Full-Stack Observability is your single source of truth to troubleshoot, debug, and optimize performance across your entire stack. Find and fix problems faster in one unified experience that provides connected context and surfaces meaningful analytics—from logs, infrastructure and applications, distributed tracing, serverless functions, all the way into end-user experience—without having to onboard new tools or switch between them.


  • Application Monitoring

Application Monitoring in one place allows you to see your application performance trends at a glance – from page load times, to error rates, slow transactions, and a list of servers running the app.

  • Database Monitoring

Database monitoring provides a detailed overview of your database performance – pointing out critical errors that are slowing down your application.

  • Reports

Create and receive customized reports that are just as easy to read as they are to share. Our detailed reports include everything from deployments and availability, to performance and customized dashboards.

  • Security

New Relic is committed to helping customers make their applications fast and secure


New Relic APM is designed to help modern application teams exploit the latest technology trends to confidently move faster—reducing costly downtime, improving engineer productivity, and enabling high-performing applications.


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