Security of Endpoints Will Change

Your Perspective on Network Management

Network administrators have to manage an ever-evolving and expanding technology universe, from IoT systems to employees’ mobile devices.

Traditional network security tools leave their place to more intuitive and learning technologies, as the new normal, where countless devices with different protocols can be networked.


High-security management of Microsoft platforms

Quest Microsoft Change Auditor, which provides high-security management and migration of any Microsoft platform with servers such as SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive and Exchange, is designed for you to manage resources and time more efficiently. Manage the change process effectively with Change Auditor’s detailed reporting that takes your security priorities into account.

Quest Change Auditor


For the security of your cloud, desktop or mobile applications

Ivanti, making two important purchases in the field of Unified Endpoint Management, responds to every request from the system with an approach that requires verification, as if that request originated from an open network. The hyper-automation platform Ivanti Neurons now offers its customers significant advantages such as discovering and managing all types of devices, enabling service security and automation.

Ivanti Neurons


Complete all your device updates easily and securely

Ivanti Patch for Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Ivanti Patch for MEM) allows you to easily install third-party patches required for device updates via the console and config manager. Ivanti Patch for Endpoint Manager will meet your needs for updating, testing, installing and managing all device endpoints throughout the company, operating system and application patches.

Ivanti Patch for MEM

Protect your end-user systems,
reduce the patching workload.

Comprehensive patch management software is a must because of the compatibility imperative and third party apps full of weaknesses. Forget about tedious, time-wasting and network-burdening processes such as research, testing, and implementation.
With end-user patches, you can quickly detect vulnerabilities in Windows, MacOS, Linux, and hundreds of third-party applications (Acrobat Flash / Reader, Java, Web browsers, and more) and expertly install pre-tested patches.

Ivanti Patch for Endpoint Manager

End Point Security

Don’t let malicious attacks create distractions

Chaos Management

Quickly detect vulnerabilities in Windows, MacOS, Linux and hundreds of third party applications (Acrobat Flash / Reader, Java, Web browsers and more).

Intelligent Scanning

Create and automate consistent patch and security policies to patch all your assets, even mobile, remote or asleep.

Priority Decisioning

Let your security solution recognize all possible risks in your systems before they arise, prioritize the problems precisely, and learn this continuously with Machine Learning technology (ML).

Security Standards

Configure, evaluate and protect your endpoints to meet security standards such as PCI, HIPAA, and ISO27001.

No Trace

Walk in the snow, leave no traces, reduce effort and server footprint with agent-free patch distribution.

Work Systematically

Use the solution’s integrated project publishing capabilities to deploy patches at scale and speed.

Simplify endpoint security with the ability to secure and manage from a single console.


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