Smart Monitoring Applications

That Sharpen Your System Management

We offer a new generation of management and monitoring tools to companies that aim to stand out from the competition.

To optimize the services your organization prioritizes, you can easily automate processes and keep your end-users productive.


20 years of CA Technologies in digital experience management

Deliver flawless AI-driven digital experiences with complete visibility and insight. By correlating data across users, applications, infrastructure and network services and then applying machine learning, advanced analytics, and automation, these products deliver a new level of visibility and actionable insights.

AIOps and Observability from Broadcom provides your IT teams with the capabilities they need to manage their diverse, hybrid environments.

AI Ops and Observability

Transform user experience and improve operational efficiencies by reducing alarm noise, correlating data and combining analytics with automation to resolve issues faster.

Improve app performance and deliver flawless user experiences with unmatched insights and intelligence.

Proactively and efficiently managing your private and public cloud, infrastructure, and applications utilizing AI/ML.

Gain unified, scalable AI-driven network monitoring for traditional, SDN, and cloud networks. 

Managing an ever-expanding
galaxy of IoT
and mobile devices

Having innovative solutions in unified endpoint management, Ivanti is now stronger with MobileIron and Pulse Secure technologies. Critically important in today’s remote working environment, the unified Ivanti endpoint management is by far ahead of its peers with its Zero Trust approach and leadership in enterprise service management.

Ivanti Unified Endpoint Management


For the management of all devices, including the Internet of Things (IoT), Quest KACE series solutions perform the security, management and maintenance of network connected devices, while at the same time providing the fastest deployment of devices, backups and driver updates.

Quest KACE


Go hyper-automation
with Ivanti Neurons as the era
of classic automation comes to an end

The classic automation of IT systems based on task-based workflows is now being replaced by smart, next-generation hyper-automation solutions. The hyper-automation solution Ivanti Neurons, supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning, improves the self-healing, security and self-management skills of computer systems.

Ivanti Neurons


The Quest difference
in database and application management

With more than 30 years of experience in IT management, Quest operates as a company focused on application and data health, with 200 patents received to date. Quest Foglight reveals the real performance of your applications with its comprehensive monitoring capability and advanced workload analytics. Quest Spotlight provides a simple database management with 24/7 monitoring, diagnosis and optimization functions on Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise servers. Quest Toad offers significant convenience to database teams by automating database management and development tasks.

Quest DB Monitoring and Administration

The new generation of management and monitoring tools for companies that aim to stand out from the competition.

Start automating processes and keep your end users productive


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