Prevent Vulnerabilities in your Applications,

Increase the Code Quality of your Software

Test your applications with the heaviest tests, check their compliance with the standards.

Problems in business applications are not limited to the effects on hundreds of users or causing business downtime, issues can seriously compromise the reputation of the product or brand.

For the security of your
cloud, desktop or mobile applications

Veracode, the application security tool that provides web-based services over the cloud, performs security tests of all your applications on mobile, desktop or cloud. You can instantly test the adequacy of the application in terms of safety with the industrial standards compliance tests that the customer and the industry must comply with. Veracode, which can perform scans in compliance with NIST, PCI, OWASP, HIPAA, GDPR, NY DFS and many other industry standards, reveals whether the application is suitable for that sector in terms of security criteria. Veracode also contributes to the establishment of application development security policies of organizations.
Veracode, which also detects security vulnerabilities in web applications, scans thousands of sites on the internet at the same time and prepares detailed security information about new services and sites opened to you. Veracode provides you with an infrastructure that can scan thousands of sites simultaneously for security vulnerabilities.

Veracode AppSec

Cost Cutting on Application Security is Not an Option

Cloud Based

For the security of your applications, you do not need to invest in a server or pay a license fee.

API Support

Improve API code quality and software security by running various audits and testing processes.

Challenging Tests

Force your web applications with intense attack scenarios by running tests such as DAST (Dynamic Application Security Test) and then fix their vulnerabilities.

Mobile Security

Test your mobile applications in real time on your mobile devices.

Dynamic Setup

Develop your tests according to security fictions for situations such as unauthorized data access, unauthorized data sharing, suspicious geographic location on devices.

Best Practices

Mature your application security policy with industry-tested security best practices and security metrics.

Let us help you develop secure software with confidence.


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