DX AIOps Platform

(formerly CA Operational Intelligence)

Harness the AIOps capabilities that fuel optimized service levels and operational efficiency.

Automation and Correlated Insights for Hybrid IT Environments

Your IT teams are being tasked with managing environments that are growing more ephemeral, modular, and volatile by the day. With the DX AIOps Platform (formerly CA Operational Intelligence) your teams can effectively manage today’s complex enterprise environments, consistently deliver a superior user experience, and rapidly realize significant operational efficiencies.

DX AIOps Platform is a machine-learning-driven AIOps solution that provides the most comprehensive service intelligence, analyzing diverse structured and unstructured data sources that can range from the cloud to the mainframe. Built on an open, scalable data lake, the solution generates actionable, predictive insights by ingesting and analyzing diverse data sets, including metric, topology, text, and log data. With the solution, your IT teams can act on potential issues much earlier, isolate the real root cause faster, and ultimately remediate issues before they affect the business.

Service-Driven Autonomous Remediation

AIOps Essentials: Service-Driven Autonomous Remediation
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What is Operational Intelligence

What is the DX AIOps Platform? 
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Key Capabilities of the DX AIOps Platform


Automated, Correlated Topology Mapping

The solution features topology analytics capabilities that can automatically discover key IT assets and map them to associated services, enabling more intelligent correlation and prioritization.  The solution delivers topology information in a dynamic, graphical database that offers service-level visibility.


Self-healing Operations

Through its integration with CA Automic Service Orchestration and third-party orchestration tools, the solution enables closed-loop automation that supports the establishment of self-healing operations. Based on monitoring alerts, the solution can trigger automated execution of remediation scripts, and the automated updating of tickets to reflect the steps taken.


Automated Root Cause Analysis

The solution delivers machine-learning-driven intelligence that can automatically identify the probable cause of issues. It can consume data and correlate intelligence from multiple architectural layers. Through this correlation, the solution enables teams to intelligently identify the true cause of issues and automatically remediate them, rather than simply tracking symptoms.


Flexible Integration

The solution offers fast, efficient integration with a broad range of tools and platforms—and enables fast adaptation as your environments change. The solution features pre-packaged integrations with CA monitoring and automation platforms, configuration management databases, and IT service management systems like ServiceNow and Remedy. The solution also features OpenConnect, a generic API connector; StreamWeaver, a third-party integration tool; and an easy-to-use RESTFul API.


Built-in Algorithms

The solution comes with built-in machine-learning-driven algorithms, dashboards, and integrations that provide immediate insight and speed time to value. The solution features pre-packaged algorithms that support anomaly detection, root cause analysis, alarm management, predictive analytics, and more.

AIOps: Essentials of Root Cause Analytics


Spanning data centers with mainframes and distributed systems as well as multiple clouds, today’s environments have become very challenging to monitor and manage. To address this complexity, you need algorithmic IT and artificial intelligence so you can detect and predict problems faster and automate self-healing and recovery processes.

By adopting an AIOps-based approach, your teams can establish the analytical foundation they need in order to collect, group, correlate, and visualize more complex data sets. With this aggregated intelligence, your teams can identify and preempt potential performance issues across applications, infrastructures, and networks. Discover how your teams can gain complete visibility across modern, hybrid environments.

Benefits of Operational Intelligence

Easily Predict Issues 

Take actions earlier with predictive insights and smarter alarms.

Speed Issue Resolution

Harness algorithmic intelligence that clusters relevant alerts and suppresses noise, reducing inefficiency and speeding time-to-resolution.

Boost Efficiency

Harness capabilities for automated root cause analysis, anomaly detection, predictive analytics, and more to boost staff efficiency and productivity.

Optimize Resources

Get predictive insights into utilization across physical, virtual, cloud, and mainframe environments, and effortlessly detect hot spots and wasted systems resources.

The DX AIOps Platform: Powerful Results

The DX AIOps Platform helps companies optimize service levels and operational efficiency.
Top Five Reasons for AIOps

Harness the AIOps capabilities that fuel optimized service levels and operational efficiency now!


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