DX Infrastructure Manager

The next generation of infrastructure monitoring at Broadcom, driven by AI and machine learning capabilities.


DX Infrastructure Manager provides a single, analytics-driven solution for proactively and efficiently managing your private and public cloud, infrastructure, and applications. For customers, this translates into faster mean time to repair and increased confidence for cloud adoption, as well as reduced cost and complexity of managing multiple infrastructure monitoring tools. By integrating with our AIOps from Broadcom® platform, users can also use this infrastructure monitoring tool to drive decision making with AI and machine learning capabilities.

Monitor Business Services Compromising Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Assets

Perform Root-Cause Analysis via ML/AI Utilizing a Combination of Metrics, Logs, and Topology

Optimize Cloud Resources with Predictive Insights and Capacity Analytics


  • Optimize the user experience.

Use a single, analytics-driven solution to speed mean time to repair and enhance the user experience.

  • Reduce complexity and boost, productivity.

Eliminate the effort associated with using and managing multiple monitoring tools.

  • Improve resource utilization.

Gain intelligent and holistic insights to optimize utilization across public and private cloud infrastructures.

  • Future proof your business.

Leverage comprehensive coverage and an open, scalable architecture that can address your needs of today and adapt to quickly to emerging requirements.


In today’s economy, the applications that deliver a differentiated and superior customer experience provide a distinct competitive advantage. The underlying systems, databases, storage systems, and packaged applications that power an application or service can make or break the user’s experience. Proactively managing the performance of these technologies is a necessity. But monitoring and management can be challenging as these technologies become more dynamic and hybrid in nature.


  • Most comprehensive coverage.

Leverage a single solution to monitor all of your cloud services and traditional IT resources.

  • Intelligent, unified analytics.

Gain the insights needed to resolve issues rapidly and to proactively preempt potential issues before the user experience suffers.

  • Open, multi-tenant, extensible architecture.

Extend monitoring to support new technologies or expand to support more services, groups or resources

  • Rapid, automated deployment and configuration.

Rapidly adapt to meet the needs of today’s highly dynamic and DevOps-centric environments.


DX Infrastructure Manager provides a single, analytics-driven solution for proactively and efficiently managing your private and public cloud systems, databases, storage systems and packaged applications. In conjunction with AIOps from Broadcom, this solution uses AI and machine learning capabilities to monitor these hybrid technologies, allowing you to quickly remediate issues and resulting in a faster mean time to repair and better user experiences.


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