Keep Sensitive Data Safe

On Every Angle of your Business

Instantly capture data from corporate networks to cloud environments, whose file or original information has been modified, copied, fragmented, scrambled or encrypted.


Smart solutions to manage the privacy of personal information

Providing the most effective security against malicious software and internal threats with its advanced technology on corporate data security, GTB Technologies DLP Platform offers data managers the ability to create, manage and apply various rules according to content and context. This makes it easier to control under what conditions data inside and outside the company can or cannot be moved to networks or devices.



Worry free privacy and compatibility of individual data for testing

CA Test Data Manager (TDM) helps you solve privacy and compliance issues of your individual data for application development and other needs. The Discovery and Profiling feature of the solution allows you to distinguish Personally Identifiable Information (PII) contained in multiple data sources.

CA Test Data Manager


Ensure data security from every angle

Synthetic Data

Create synthetic test data from scratch to reduce test cycles from weeks to days.

Reuse Data

Link test data directly to test cases or store them as reusable assets in a test data warehouse.

Privacy Management

Provide DevOps teams with the flexibility to work in the protection of confidential personal data.

Endpoint Data Security

Create context sensitive endpoint security management rules.

Content Specific

Ensure enterprise-specific information protects against insider threats.

GDPR Compliant

Rigorously secure your production data due to compliance regulations such as the Personal Data Protection Law.

Keep your data safe on every platform, stay compliant


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