The Hidden Power Of Application Development:

APIs and Test Data

IT managers are increasing the customer experience coefficient of applications by integrating APIs and microservices with the most popular solutions.

 APIs that bring together the information assets of companies with web, mobile, service-oriented architectures (SOA) and cloud technologies provide a standard path for IT managers who want to increase the customer experience.

Don’t sweep your APIs
under the carpet!

APIs are important components of application development processes and it is not easy to manage them in a large infrastructure consisting of various platforms. CA API Management is among the indispensable solutions of application development teams with its back-office integration aiming at a successful IT service management (ITSM), its ability to adapt to hybrid cloud environments, its optimization competence in mobile platforms, and its advanced technology infrastructure that supports agile application development environments.

CA API Management


You cannot use all customer
data for testing

Production data is voluminous and when it comes to working with multiple copies, data maintenance is a serious cost. In addition, production data represents only 10% to 20% of the test data needed. Providing companies with high quality test data, CA Test Data Manager makes it easy to create synthetic data with innovative methods by matching data sets with relevant tests. CA Test Data Manager cuts the time spent creating test data by 90-95 percent.

Test Data Manager


Leverage the power of APIs
and test data in application development

Your Strategy

Design, Create, Test, Publish, Remove… Plan and manage the entire lifecycle of your APIs.

Customer Experience

Respond to your customer’s changing needs with your APIs, the cornerstone of rapid application development.

Increase Your
Integration Power

Let your platforms and applications talk to each other without interruption.


Improve your application development teams’ coding competencies with accurate and secure test data.


Once you create your test data, save them for use in various projects.

Data Quality

Verify with great precision the test data and identities you will use.

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