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KACE Systems Management Appliance

Comprehensive IT systems management for any network-connected device.

The KACE® Systems Management Appliance by Quest® helps you fulfill all your endpoint management needs. This comprehensive solution provides automated endpoint-related administrative tasks, inventory of all hardware and software, patch management software for mission-critical applications and operating systems, reduced risk of a breach and guaranteed software license compliance.

Comprehensive IT systems

Fulfill all of your endpoint management needs, from initial deployment to ongoing management and retirement using an intuitive workflow for maximum productivity.

Secure network-connected

Block dangerous or unnecessary software and devices, and painlessly patch mission-critical applications and operating systems. Ensure secure deployments — inside or outside of your DMZ — with user interface hardening and agent tunneling and quarantine.

Streamline IT asset

Our endpoint management solution provides comprehensive software inventory, metering and distribution capabilities. Discover and manage all connected systems and devices from a single dashboard.


• Inventory all hardware and software for comprehensive endpoint security.

• Block dangerous or unnecessary software and devices. Painlessly patch and update mission-critical applications and operating systems.

• Gain visibility into software usage for better resource allocation.

• Ensure software license compliance across the board.

• Improve the end-user experience with the KACE Service Desk.

• Simplify IT workflows with the process template wizard.


Automate and streamline IT systems management.

KACE® Systems Management Appliance by Quest provides you with a holistic view of all connected endpoints and the ability to manage them.

KACE Features

Inventory and IT asset management

Transform insight into action with turnkey reporting on all endpoints, from laptops and servers to printers and IoT devices.

Server management and monitoring

Provide more consistent availability of business-critical applications with comprehensive server monitoring and management.

Software license management

Ensure software compliance and take ownership of the entire software license management life cycle.

Efficient systems administration

Employ easy-to-use, integrated administrative tools to help you better manage your increasingly remote workforce.

Patch management and endpoint security

Gain peace of mind with robust endpoint security, including automated patch management and deployment, as well as on-demand Windows patch scheduling. The Security Dashboard lets you readily understand the patching state of each of the devices in your asset inventory. The Patch Schedule Wizard enables you to create patch schedules and view easy-to-understand patching results.

KACE Go Mobile App

Work from wherever you’re most effective. Submit service desk tickets on-the-go, access the knowledge base and check on existing ticket status using any mobile device.

Software distribution

Remotely distribute and install the right software to the right person at the right time.

Multiple deployment options

Deploy the KACE Systems Management Appliance as an on-premises virtual appliance or as a hosted virtual appliance.

Chromebook management

Comprehensive hardware and operating system inventory as well as asset life cycle management that improves service desk efficiency.

Mobile device management

Integrate with the KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager to manage and view both traditional and modern endpoints using a single console.

KACE Service Desk

Improve your users’ experience with built-in, easy-to-use support, including intuitive self-help tools. Embedded training videos enable users to get help related to the current page they are working on.


Manage, secure and service all of your network-connected devices with a single solution.


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