If there is a patch available, don’t 
want to be prey to the attacker

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Organizations using Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) can directly discover the software installed from MEM in their environment with Ivanti Patch for MEM and ensure that the recommended updates are made automatically.

Bringing a unique and innovative security approach to Unified Device Management with Zero Trust discourse, Ivanti considers any network request as a demand that needs to be confirmed. Also, Ivanti, who provides complete visibility of existing network devices, successfully manages this process without making the Netops team aware.

Outdated applications and existing vulnerabilities due to incomplete software patches are an essential opportunity for cyber-attacks and ransomware. Besides, the fact that the database CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures), which lists the security vulnerabilities, is not updated, creates weaknesses in the systems and applications using this database. Research shows that 60 percent of successful cyberattacks are caused by applications that are not updated even though a patch is available.

Is your CVE is up to date?

You cannot patch something that you do not know you have. Supporting your business’s needs; Having a patch management solution that allows efficiency and automation in identifying, publishing, and improving updates should be your primary goal in terms of security. In addition, if you can foresee potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses, you can take the necessary measures to fix them, and you will not waste much time grasping the domain of the problem in cyberattacks.

Quickly importing the CVE database by your team as needed can speed up the solution process. Automating the CVE matching process with updates from Microsoft and third-party vendors prevents the operations team from spending hours researching. Since human errors are eliminated, Security and Operations teams’ communication strengthens.

What kind of advantages does it offer?

You can easily install third-party patches required for device updates via the Ivanti Patch for Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Ivanti Patch for MEM) console and the config manager.

With Ivanti Patch for MEM, Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) user organizations can directly discover the software installed from MEM in their environment, ensure that the recommended updates are made automatically. Ivanti can also import CVE security vulnerabilities and exposures databases by looking at their IDs and publish them for use.

Ivanti Patch for MEM also has a catalog of third-party security updates from the world’s leading technology vendors such as Adobe, Google, Apple, Mozilla, and Oracle. Ivanti Patch for MEM, which has a Custom Action feature that enables modifying switches, custom scripts, and other actions to be executed along with the vendor package, also provides publishing support to Microsoft Config Manager and Intune from the same solution.

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