Support team and users don’t have to race to save time

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IT support teams working with Ivanti Neurons Workspace can produce fast and reliable solutions to problems while gaining deeper device and user knowledge over time. While the flames on the user’s front are extinguished before they grow, the trends related to the problems that arise are also better defined and take their place in the company’s memory

Providing a 360-degree view of devices, users, applications, and services with real-time data, Ivanti Neurons Workspace stands out as an essential tool to meet the service, improvement, and security needs with less workforce. Using Ivanti Neurons Workspace, IT teams prevent problems from escalating by automatically presenting predefined solutions by experts to support teams who answer initial first support calls. The fast and easy resolution of the incidents makes it easier for the support teams, while this advantage also increases the device performance and end-user satisfaction.

Ivanti Neurons Workspace also gives IT teams a chance to respond quickly by providing ‘one window’ real-time device and end-user insights provided by Ivanti Neurons for Edge Intelligence, which works with predefined bots for various actions.

The user does not have to know everything

Support teams often come up with a user issue and ask a series of questions to understand it. The user can often find it difficult to answer questions due to technical knowledge, so the support person guides him. That’s why support needs to use some tools to figure out what the problem is, get the end-user back to work quickly, and save time in the process.

Ivanti Neurons Workspace simplifies the process in many ways. Primary care support professionals have instant access to critical IT information about users and their devices. This information could be:

  • All devices related to the user
  • Device status, including operations and services
  • Active Directory status
  • Group memberships
  • Event history by user or device
  • Installed software, applications, and patches
  • Network status
  • Application connectivity

The device doesn’t need to come to support for all this information and more. Ivanti Neurons Workspace presents all this information faster and from a single screen.

Most of the problems have happened before

Most of the problems have happened before. That’s why it’s clear what a support professional will do to resolve incidents and requests. Ivanti Neurons Workspace provides many of the specialist solutions in an early stage and securely. E.g.;

  • Reset passwords
  • Release accounts
  • Change or assign group memberships
  • Cleaning DNS
  • Updating drivers
  • Stop processes and services

These actions use the same automation engine as Ivanti Neurons for Healing, so core workflows can be updated in the same way, expanded, or recreated to provide automated actions to empower primary care support professionals. If an incident is not one that the first-level support analyst can resolve, all actions and diagnostic information can be logged and forwarded to an expert.

Blue screen surprise

One of the issues that the user will have the most problems with is a device that completely crashes. Having Blue Screen dump files makes it easier for IT to diagnose the cause of the incident. With a workflow in Ivanti Neurons Workspace, you can access the device, retrieve the required files, compress the files and send them to IT in an email without disturbing the end-user. The end-user continues to work while IT analyzes the dump files.

Ivanti Neurons Workspace promises to make IT more efficient and effective, along with other Ivanti Neurons solutions. IT support teams working with Ivanti Neurons have the more profound device and user information in real-time and can produce faster and more secure solutions to problems. Thus, while the flames on the user’s front are extinguished before they grow, the trends related to the problems that arise are also better defined and take their place in the memory of the enterprise.

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