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CA Layer7 Pam Privileged Access Management

See how CA Privileged Access Manager protects your business and empowers your people.

With the explosion of virtualized and cloud environments, the attack surface and number of identities that can be compromised have increased exponentially. As a result, targeted data breaches and insider threats are on the rise. The common theme for many of these attacks is privileged accounts because they hold the “keys to the kingdom.”

Layer7 Privileged Access Management (formerly CA Privileged Access Management) is designed to prevent security breaches by providing granular authorization of users to systems and accounts, constantly monitoring privileged activity to assess for risk, triggering automated mitigations when higher risk is detected, auditing and recording attempts to access as well as vaulting and rotating the privileged account’s credentials including passwords or key/token-based authentication.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Bundles enhanced features in base offering and requires less infrastructure to scale or for session recording.

Quick Time-to-Protection

Software-based appliance that is self-contained, installs very quickly and is easy to use and maintain.


Protects thousands of resources and supports a large number of concurrent sessions from a single appliance.

What is privileged access management?

Privileged access management is the creation and enforcement of controls over users, systems and accounts that have elevated or “privileged” entitlements—examples: admin or root accounts, application accounts. While the creation of these accounts is often governed by companies, the use of these accounts is far too often shared across multiple individuals within the company. These are commonly referred to as shared accounts.

Many public breaches are due to the compromising of privileged accounts. External hackers and insider threats seek out and exploit shared or privileged accounts because of the entitlements they hold as “keys to the kingdom.”


Privileged Credentials Vault

Provides a foundation for combating data breaches and insider threats by centrally managing and protecting access and usage of privileged accounts.

PAM-Privileged Access Management-Ayrcalıklı Erişim Yönetimi
PAM-Privileged Access Management-Ayrcalıklı Erişim Yönetimi Video

Session Recording

Captures video coverage of all privileged user activity to provide accountability and forensic evidence of accidental or malicious actions.

User Behavior Analytics

Continuously monitors real-time activities and assesses risk to quickly detect abnormal behavior and triggers automated mitigation to defeat the attack sequence.

PAM-Privileged Access Management-Ayrcalıklı Erişim Yönetimi Video
PAM-Privileged Access Management-Ayrcalıklı Erişim Yönetimi Video

Fine-Grained Access Control

Enforces host-based access controls to provide an extra layer of security for your most mission-critical servers, sensitive data and applications.

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