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Two of the strong aces in the cross-platform DB performance management game

Quest Foglight and Quest Spotlight, these two stunning solutions of database performance management area became indispensable options of IT shops looking for the best in DB performance management.

Database administrators (DBAs) are like wizards trying to manage sudden and growing chaos while performing on stage. Companies that were content with one or two major database brands in the past are now looking for ways to use different DB technologies together and with high performance. Today, relational databases such as Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and IBM DB2, as well as open-source databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, and even non-relational databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra, can serve under the same corporate umbrella to perform different functions. While all these databases are behind the scenes, hosting the Big Data of organizations, corporate data’s competitive power seems possible only with the optimum management of these different platforms together.

The sudden expansion of the Internet and mobile platforms caused databases to overgrow with the flow of structured or unstructured data. As a result, DBAs have to tackle new challenges right now. IT professionals are forced to hire new database administrators after a while. The number and costs of training in database management are increasing.

Every new database added to the system requires investments in new DB tools for management and maintenance. While users who always consume data demand high-performance and available databases, the data is growing exponentially, and database maintenance costs are increasing rapidly accordingly.

Possessing advanced solutions for database management and performance, Quest stands out with its solutions that ensure the uninterrupted and performance operation of leading database applications. Quest Foglight and Quest Spotlight, these two stunning solutions of database performance management area became indispensable options of IT shops in Turkey via Quest Gold Partner, BT Bilgi, with its 17 years’ experience of IT service management business.

A seamless database wizard: Foglight

Cross-platform database software Foglight can centrally monitor various databases through a single console. This feature of Quest Foglight provides the ability to proactively improve database performance and keep database availability at the highest level. Offering alerts, diagnostics, performance analysis, and more, Foglight makes it easy to maintain database health and optimize performance.

Since each database added to the system requires a new software tool in terms of performance and maintenance. These tools and the cost of DB management increases over time. Foglight, a cross-platform solution that manages all database platforms from a single point, gives professionals a sigh of relief as a severe solution to these sorts of problems. Foglight offers a rapid adaptation process for DB administrators by reducing licensing costs and shortening the solution’s learning curve periods.

Nowadays, geometric increasing data volumes and multiple database platforms require precise monitoring of databases in almost every environment, from DevOps to cloud platforms. The cost of downtime or a performance drop in any database can sometimes be very high.

Quest Foglight gives DBAs the chance to anticipate potential problems and to intervene quickly. Foglight allows you to see the most critical issues on the platforms and take action, allowing you to gain sufficient insight into the organization’s health and activity. It offers you various suggestions with Foglight windows showing the associated workflows. It alerts you when database activity deviates from normal.

You can access the diagnosis from any screen of Foglight that shows the details, and alarm data tells you what the current problems are. You can prepare detailed and useful reports for your managers through customized views and with updated data. Foglight allows you to analyze data in depth based on users, applications, SQL, and sessions. It shows you what the current workload mainly stems from which resource. With the automatic change tracking feature, you can see the server, instance, database, schema environments, and SQL corruption.

Foglight offers comprehensive support for managing cloud databases such as Amazon RDS, Azure SQL DB (single and flexible DB pools), Azure SQL Managed Instance. The success of your business depends on database availability. Enable your team to ensure uptime across all your database investments with Quest Foglight for Databases.

Spotlight Heatmap warns you of hot points in SQL DB

Quest Spotlight, a remarkable performance management tool for Microsoft SQL heavy database environments, provides simple database management with 24/7 monitoring, diagnostics, and optimization functions on SQL Server Enterprise servers.

With alarms informing performance deviations on the central server; diagnostic workflows informing deadlocks as well as detailed workload analysis; ability to rewind control panels and diagnostic drills until the incident formation and review in slow motion; SQL Optimizer technology that informs long-running queries and code that needs fine-tuning for full performance, Quest Spotlight has a unique place among similar Microsoft SQL database optimization solutions. It provides a complete system health check and benchmark test based on data collected from users.

Spotlight Heatmap follows indicators on context-specific dashboards to the problem source and prioritizes at a glance across all monitored instances. You can monitor operating system diagnostics with SQL Server VNext on Linux with Quest Spotlight. The solution Instantly responds to issues with native apps for your mobile device. It quickly identifies what is waiting on resources right down to SQL statements. You can divide workloads by host, database, user, or SQL statement in a few clicks. Watch for any failures or bottlenecks across your replication topology is another advantage of this Quest solution. The decision is up to you!

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