Broadcom DX NetOps gives complete visibility and observability of your networks.

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Network blind spots can become a major problem for organizations due to the number of technologies and connections in various hardware-software combinations. According to a study with network administrators, nearly two-thirds of respondents – 67 percent – say trying to protect data in the network’s blind spots is the biggest challenge they face

The world is leaving behind a tough year with great shocks. It is time to open a new blank page. We yearn for some things more than ever today: transparency, security, reliability, sustainability, durability, health. On the other hand, professional managers are always after visibility. Especially network administrators want to enter the new year by dominating the infrastructure they manage in every detail. How easy was it in the past? There was a LAN, computers connected in, and a WAN we use to communicate with a building in another location. It has been providing us all network knowledge simply. First, it was IP (Internet Protocol) that broke the rules. Mobile devices, mash networks, and finally, network management with IoT turned into a business discipline that always requires a challenge.

As services and applications become increasingly complex and interconnected, IT professionals want to view all hard and soft components and virtual environments on the network through a glass dome. To make sense of the whole structure, you must analyze it without leaving anything outside. When network security and monitoring are vital, extensive network visibility is a must for most businesses.

The network looks, voila! What’s the point of more?

Network blind spots can become a significant problem for organizations due to the number of technologies and different connection hardware-software combinations. According to a study by Vanson Bourne, about two-thirds of organizations – 67% of respondents – say the most significant challenge they face when trying to protect data is network blind spots.

Network visibility refers to your awareness of every component – software or hardware – in your network, with some network tools. If you have network visibility, you can monitor, audit, and analyze every data movement on the network.

For example, DX NetOps, developed by CA (Computer Associates) and launched today as a Broadcom brand, provides lean management of network operations with advanced artificial intelligence and unified network visibility capabilities. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, Broadcom DX NetOps closely and continuously monitors network traffic, applications, network performance, managed network resources, and big data analytics.

The more in-depth, proactive, and comprehensive your network visibility is, the more control you have over your network data and the better decisions you can make about the flow and protection of that data.

In short, around 75 percent of organizations agree that they need to improve network visibility to ensure network security better. You can start by understanding what network visibility is and how you can increase network visibility.

Network visibility benefits

Most businesses use many applications. If you provide better network visibility, you can better optimize overall application performance. You can filter critical application traffic with appropriate tools and better monitor each application without loading extra tools.

Why are you sending non-video traffic to a video server? By better regulating your email traffic, you can avoid unnecessarily busy all gateways. Avoiding server processing power and network bandwidth waste offer you significant cost benefits and lean network management.

In most cases, you can trace performance issues back to the network layer. A bad network connection or a poorly configured network appliance can cause significant performance downs or lead to a complete network outage. It is up to you to prevent them.

Notice the hidden bad intentions

Better network visibility allows you to monitor network traffic more closely against internet attacks and potential threats. For example, you can detect that someone is gaining unauthorized access to the network better and thus allow security measures to respond faster. It can happen with malware lurking in encrypted network traffic because companies are increasingly using SSL / TLS to secure their communications. Network visibility tools such as CA DX NetOps keep you aware of these threats. Improved network visibility accelerates time to detect and contain threats. It reduces the time, effort, and cost spent on damage prevention.

Contribution to digital transformation

Network visibility also informs how your infrastructures will grow in the future. Comprehensive network visibility can spot trends early and see where and how your network data is growing. So you can better plan for future growth.

Your critical digital transformation projects such as Big Data and advanced data analytics, migration to cloud platforms, Internet of Things (IoT) come to life without being affected by uneven growth. Strengthened network visibility helps you scale your network and business according to your needs.

Guru in SD-WAN technologies

Broadcom brand  DX NetOps network monitoring software makes it much easier today for teams managing network operations with advanced analytical capabilities. With DX NetOps, experts targeting network visibility can monitor applications running on today’s SD-WAN technologies (Silver Peak, VMWare VeloCloud, Cisco Meraki, Nokia Nuage, and 128 Technology) from a single point and make necessary interventions.

The advanced application-aware optimization technology of DX NetOps makes it easy to fully control network devices, applications, application and infrastructure layers for organizations that want to deploy their multi-vendor applications to SD-WAN networks.

Broadcom’s close relationships with SD-WAN hardware manufacturers provide NetOps teams with strong network visibility in the context of vendor-specific metrics and architectures, as well as standard metrics covering SD-WAN technologies from different brands.

DX NetOps network monitoring software provides end-to-end network visibility with unified fault, topology, performance, and flow views. You can maximize user experience and performance with DX NetOps, making it easy to notice the problems caused by a wide variety of technologies, including SD-WAN, in a short time.

With its seventeen years of experience in the ITSM business and in-depth CA(now Broadcom Enterprise Software Solutions) knowledge, BT Bilgi, an expert IT provider for enterprise businesses, continues to provide lean management and visibility of the network infrastructures with DX NetOps today.

Do not miss the opportunity to enter the new year with a visible network infrastructure that you know all the details about and is open to healthy growth. Broadcom DX NetOps technology and BT Bilgi’s expertise in technology practices promise you this convenience.

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