Ivanti: The new address for your zero trust needs

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Ivanti, one of the leading brands in unified endpoint management, has recently made two significant acquisitions. Ivanti, which is in the IT service management portfolio of BT Bilgi, has acquired MobileIron and Pulse Secure. With these acquisitions, Ivanti is the market leader now in Zero Trust and unified mobile endpoint management, which means BT Bilgi’s Ivanti customers will see significant gains as well.

Significant developments are taking place in the unified endpoint management market, which is one of the strategic service segments of BT Bilgi. Operating in the field of security and IT services, Ivanti recently bought MobileIron and PulseSecure brands.

MobileIron performs mobile-weighted unified endpoint device management, while PulseSecure is known for its mobile security and secure access expertise. This acquisition initiative enabled Ivanti to strengthen its leading position in unified endpoint management.

The synergy of Ivanti, MobileIron, and Pulse Secure allows Ivanti to consolidate its leadership in unified endpoint management, Zero Trust, and enterprise service management that are critical in today’s remote operating environment.

In the Zero Trust model, every request is responded to with an approach that requires verification as if that request originated from an open network. This approach, which recommends “never trust, always verify” the data source, complete authentication, authorization, and encryption, is provided for each access request.

With this acquisition, Ivanti’s hyper-automation platform Ivanti Neurons will offer its customers significant advantages such as discovering, managing, providing security, and automation of all device types.

Ivanti emerged three years ago with the merger of LANDesk and Heat Software, with their rich experience in IT service management, enterprise endpoint device security, and software patch management. Ivanti’s last acquisitions enabled the company’s end-to-end system and service management approach to make a real while expanding its product and customer portfolio in the field of security.

MobileIron, who joined Ivanti, focuses on mobile endpoints’ security with its Everywhere Enterprise solution, where it applies the Zero Trust approach; PulseSecure is the owner of creative solutions for hybrid network security within the scope of Secure Access Suite products.

Developing its solutions with the motto “Remote is new normal”, Ivanti offers employees a more efficient, robust, and effective work environment in today’s pandemic conditions. Ivanti stands out with its strategic significance for Turkey’s one of the leading ITSM brands, BT Bilgi, which provides endpoint management services. BT Bilgi’s customers in Turkey have more reliable shields with Ivanti now.

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