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Combining artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, Ivanti Neurons radically changes companies’ automation habits. While the classical automation approach based on task-based workflows is a matter of the past, with Ivanti Neurons hyper-automation, systems’ self-healing, self-security, and self-management skills improve.

IT administrators are becoming more challenging to satisfy the user as they turn into a prominent orchestra conductor. As institutions grow from the center to different locations, employees’ devices are increasing in number and quality. Every employee wants to access corporate systems from anywhere. Applications and information gathered at the center in the past are now everywhere. Cloud platforms, distributed data centers currently host critical business applications and data around.

Nowadays, it is getting harder to satisfy the user. IT professionals are getting face with more problems than yesterday. Although the technology needs are increasing rapidly, budgets and human resources are significantly falling short. Systems and applications are like children running away from home. As they move away from home, it becomes increasingly challenging to ensure their safety and needs.

Hyper-automation age

It becomes increasingly difficult in such a world to provide practical and straightforward answers to increasing questions. However, the expectations of a manager are apparent. To ensure the visibility of all systems and devices, not overlook the cost and budget controls, make users happy, and meet the emerging demands as quickly as possible.

Is it possible for you to deal with this mess and to master it in managing it? Yes, it is possible, and the technology that allows you to do this is hyper-automation. According to Gartner’s definition, hyper-automation is a combination of various software, automation tools, and machine learning systems. Gartner evaluated hyper-automation as one of the ten strategic technologies of 2020.

Hyper-automation is new generation automation that enables a series of business or process management decisions to be implemented spontaneously and quickly, depending on the technologies that the organization has reached the automation level. Combining artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, Ivanti Neurons declares a radical change in companies’ a few decades-old automation traditions. The classical understanding of automation based on task-based workflows gives way to more complex process automation where people can run with little or no code.

How does it achieve hyper-automation?

There are some signs that you are taking automation to a higher level: The automation you execute must have a powerful discovery capability to find all the entities in your environment. The system must be capable of making intelligent and contextual decisions at the time of automation. For example, while solving problems and making the necessary improvements, the system must decide on the right actions and implement accurate integration solutions.

Ivanti Neurons is unique in its ability to discover devices added to your ever-expanding system. It realizes the device management approach proactively. By performing both active and passive scanning, it pulls data from all system sources and thus dynamically creates an entire picture of the existing structure. By discovering new endpoints that are continually increasing in number, it handles device management and successfully performs the system’s self-healing. It detects problems and maximizes the operating performance and safety of the devices.

Ivanti Neurons helps IT management with security capabilities that increase end-user satisfaction. Ivanti Neurons, who constantly scans and investigates potential risks before security problems and anomalies arise, prioritizes these problems and responds immediately with their predictive approach. Thus, the end-user continues their daily work without even realizing that the current issue has been resolved.

Ivanti Neurons improves your nervous system

Ivanti Neurons realizes hyper-automation by detecting problems proactively and predictably. Your existing devices are now in remarkable performance and safe with self-healing, self-security, and self-service services. Once Ivanti Neurons identifies your current systems and potential problems, it improves the user experience with bots that consider the current situation and make predictive decisions about the current device, user, and location.

With AI / LM competence, Ivanti Neurons plays an essential role in automating today’s first-tier customer support services. It ensures issues are reduced by communicating with them and send unsolved problems with automation to IT experts. Ivanti Neurons for Healing helps administrators develop problem-solving metrics and set performance metrics within the scope of user support services.

Be proactive for security

Hyper automation is the guarantee of your system security. Ivanti Neurons makes it easy to check vulnerabilities quickly and for security administrators to meet 14-day SLA targets. It minimizes the damage caused by cyberattacks and helps SecOps teams who are always on alert.

The ability to fully protect ever-growing data systems is pushing the limits of the workforce today. That’s why Ivanti Neurons continually scans for potential threats and tries to identify security priorities. Ivanti’s manageable or ready-made machine learning algorithms investigate and prioritize security problems; It provides them with invaluable intelligence information that security teams can work on faster.

Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence analyzes the corporate threat status against cyberattacks, identifies all security weaknesses in the system, and minimizes risks by prioritizing software patches.

With its excellent IT service management services in Turkey, BT Bilgi assesses Ivanti in many projects for leveraging customers’ satisfaction. Announced by Gartner as the leading ITSM tool of 2020, Ivanti will continue to be the center of attention for executives who want to mature their hyper-automation approach.

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