Quest Foglight foretells the danger in the fog

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Having the ability to identify and solve all performance problems in physical, virtual, and cloud databases in real-time, Foglight allows you to monitor and analyze your IT infrastructure consisting of multiple database platforms from a single screen.

Database administrators must take up new approaches these days. The periods in which corporates were able to live with a single database platform are over. Numerous database platforms that meet different business processes’ needs can turn into a severe headache to managers whose lives are not so easy. As the databases grow and their usage increases, they slow down. Database administrators aim to provide defined service quality to users with different authorizations. Administrators use a variety of tools to identify and fix problems with slow databases. However, there are some barriers here, as well. First, you have to learn how to use the tools for each platform. Learning how to use different tools is expensive and time-consuming. Also, this approach increases the risk of errors.

These different tools used to identify the source of the problem across multiple databases can result in a severe waste of time and failure to meet the user service level (SLA) you have committed to the organization. Experts who want to overcome these problems designed Quest Foglight for performance management of cross-platform databases.

Combining all database information in a single, comprehensive view, Quest Foglight provides complete integration between database platforms including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and Sybase. Foglight’s real-time diagnostics can be run on any database platform at any time on your hybrid infrastructure. This technology, which works very well in hybrid infrastructures, is unique with its features beyond all the known competencies of the powerful database software tools of the past.

Seamless performance on all platforms

Foglight is not a simple performance optimization tool. Having the ability to identify and solve all performance problems in physical, virtual, and cloud databases, Foglight makes it easy for you to monitor and analyze your multiple database infrastructure from a single screen.

Foglight integrates into your existing tools very smoothly; with customizable dashboards, it detects your performance problems before they arise. Thus, you can monitor and analyze any data from any source through a single interface. In fully customizable Foglight dashboards, you can view data in the formats your business requires and provide the database visibility you need.

Foglight proactively detects, monitors, manages, and resolves database performance issues, ensuring business continuity and productivity gains. Foglight monitors Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, and SAP database platforms in depth. Providing robust monitoring and diagnostics for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Cassandra, Foglight supports open-source NoSQL databases. Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services monitoring with ease and complete history; automation, management, and monitoring of VMware and Hyper-V; business operations performance monitoring for Active Directory and Exchange are major trumps for DB administrators use Foglight.

The master of hybrid data centers

Foglight Hybrid Data Center Performance Management is designed for the optimization, automation, and reduction of your entire IT environment’s costs from virtual machines to data storage infrastructure and beyond with its high-performance integrated modules. If you want to gain end-to-end visibility from your cloud, hypervisors, VMs to data storage resources in your hybrid infrastructure, Foglight is the ideal choice.

Use Foglight’s rich reporting options to obtain critical insights about your future capacity needs based on real-time and historical data to inform your managers and execs. Automate and optimize your current VMware capacity, Hyper-V, Azure, AWS, and physical servers, and anticipate potential problems with continuous monitoring.

Maintain optimum database performance with comprehensive database performance monitoring tools and advanced workload analytics. Improve your multi-platform environments with Foglight’s database performance management to encourage collaboration in your team performing database operations, improve the service levels you provide to users, and reduce costs. Quest Gold Partner BT Bilgi, with 17 years of experience in ITSM business, offers enterprises the benefits of Foglight cross-platform performance management.

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