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IT professionals have to manage a vast complexity today. As the past’s central IT systems leave their place to distributed platforms today, the enterprise data that grows exponentially, and the information systems become complicated. Quest’s lean solutions aim to eliminate all this confusion.

The most valuable mining obtained in digital transformation projects is data. Enterprises get raw data, which they transform into competitive knowledge, from very different sources. Omnichannel and mobile communication facilities generate an incredible amount of customer data. The industrial and manufacturing sectors also produce intense data originating from applications such as the Internet of Things and M2M. The data examined well has the potential to turn into new business opportunities.

With more than 30 years of experience in IT management and its 200 patents received to date, Quest operates as a company focused on application and data health. Quest solutions provide significant advantages to organizations in three main areas:

Quest solutions can store geometrically increasing data most economically in existing systems and successfully perform information security and management. It also offers practical solutions for managing hybrid cloud platforms and simplifying application migration between different platforms. With Quest solutions, it also ensures the compatibility of existing information with data standards.

Data management on distributed platforms

Quest’s database solutions automate database management and development tasks. Thus, while increasing employee productivity, Quest optimizes system performance and significantly reduces organizations’ total database management cost.

Quest allows you to view and analyze data and queries of databases with different technologies under a single view. It can also secure your business continuity with simple, cost-effective data replication and integration technology in a single solution.

While Quest’s solution, Toad, which automates database management and development tasks, increases employee productivity in this area, its solution named SharePlex offers users the flexibility to use the potential of their databases with its data replication and integration capabilities.

Are your applications performing enough?

Do not have trouble keeping track of the applications and databases you have. Quest’s innovative performance monitoring software puts applications under a magnifying glass, allowing you to intervene in issues it deems problematic immediately.

Quest’s Foglight (Foglight for Cross-Platform Databases) solution, with comprehensive monitoring capability and advanced workload analytics, reveals your applications’ real performance. Quest Foglight (Foglight Evolve) comes into play for the visualization, examination, and performance optimization of today’s virtual infrastructures.

Tidy up the clutter in endpoint management

As the pandemic has transformed working from home into a business standard worldwide, companies may now have to devote more time to managing distributed devices. Quest offers solutions under the KACE brand to manage all devices, including the Internet of Things.

KACE Systems Management Appliance ensures the security, management, and maintenance of all networked devices, while the KACE Systems Deployment Appliance provides the rapid deployment of devices, backups, and driver updates.

Manage everything that has Microsoft inside

The Quest Migration Manager and Quest Change Auditor, which provides management, migration, and security of any Microsoft platform with servers such as SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive, and Exchange, provide efficient use of resources and time. Microsoft Change Auditor manages the change process effectively with its detailed reporting.

Quest solutions also replace the missing bricks in identity and access management.

For example, Quest One Identity Manager solution manages private user access and user identities. Thus, it prevents the risks arising within the scope of corporate identity and access management.

Quest One Identity Protector provides secure access to private sessions and passwords with its role-based access system. Simultaneously, it facilitates control by directing the records of how and by whom the sessions are opened with the workflow system.

With Quest solutions you can simplify the technologies you use every day so you spend less time on IT administration and more time on innovation.

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